Our Vision


First Global Shipping operates state-of-the-art facilities in all seaside and air ports to meet to your freight-shipping needs.

From booking and cargo tracking to ultimately receiving cargo, we take the worry out of shipping. If we say your shipment will arrive on a specific date, you can trust it will happen.

Our Advantages

  • Fixed-day sailing schedules with the fastest transit times
  • Complete FCL, LCL and Consolidation services
  • Caribbean’s most reliable refrigeration services
  • National Pickup Service
  • Global connectivity
  • Cargo receiving warehouses
  • Marine cargo insurance
  • Security safeguards on land and sea

Who we are

Driven by Excellent Service

Everything we do, every value we stand for, every course of action we take, is intended to deliver the highest level of service to our customers.We have built our reputation for excellence on three fundamentally linked and complementary ideas — Shared ValuesEthics, and our Winning Proposition.

We are passionately committed to our customers, our team and the communities we serve. This commitment is embodied in our First Global Shared Values which build the foundation of our relationships and guide everything we do.

  • TRUST is our common bond
  • RESPONSIVENESS is our driving force
  • OWNERSHIP is our personal commitment
  • PEOPLE are our priority
  • INTEGRITY is our unshakable foundation
  • COMMUNICATION is our unifying strength
  • ACCOUNTABILITY is our route to timely results
  • LEADERSHIP is our key to the future


Adherence to Ethics allows us to stand for everything that’s right in business. By doing the right things with respect to others, we believe our people will create a better experience for our customers. Ethics is what binds us in trusting relationships.

Our Winning Proposition

We will create superior satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing our customers’ supply chain effectiveness with convenient and reliable logistics solutions.

To achieve this we will:
  • Manage to our company shared values and become a leader in providing a safe and environmentally sensitive company culture
  • Provide an unmatched customer commitment based on a deep understanding of their business and supply chain requirements
  • Apply superior asset utilization and cost management to produce a financial return that allows us to reinvest in the communities we serve